Health Tips


Without proper preventative care your pet can suffer from oral problems and bad breath. Regular checks at the vet will ensure these potential problems are identified early. It may be necessary to have the teeth cleaned or plaque removed. There are special nutritional products available that provides an effective way to prevent problems. Special fibers allow the teeth to penetrate the kibble and help wipe plaque, tartar and staining from the tooth’s surface right down to the gum line.


Cats and dogs are very sensitive to the cleanliness of food and water bowls and even to the taste of water.It is important that cats drink enough water to prevent their urine from becoming too concentrated.


Never leave a dog in a vehicle parked in the sun! This can be fatal. Dogs do not perspire through their skin, but through their mouths. When their body temperature rises they start panting. If the body temperature does not get lowered it can rise to dangerous levels. This is not the only problem: he exhausts the available air and starts inhaling air high in carbon dioxide and low in oxygen. All these factors can cause the dog to faint; he can even have convulsions. If his temperature reaches 42 degrees C he will begin to vomit and could go into a state of shock, which may be irreversible.


Because fleas cause worms and other related problems, we take great care not to allow these unwelcome pests into our kennels. Pet-owners should ensure their cats and dogs are on a reliable program to control these, and we insist that all boarders be treated before they arrive. We do spot checks on new arrivals, and if required, they will be isolated and treated. There are a number of reliable products on the market – please discuss with your vet.


Worms are a health hazard. At least one pet in three has worms at any given time. Intestinal worms can weaken your pet’s immune system thereby making them more susceptible to infection and increasing the risk of organ damage. Vomiting, loss of weight and condition, diarrhea or constipation, a dull and rough coat are all signs of worm infestation. There are different types of worms and you need a good product to combat the problem.


That larger dogs age faster than little ones?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, when your pet is 7 years old by human standards, below is the equivalent in “pet years” Large dog breeds (25kg+) – 65 years old Medium dog breeds (11 – 25kg) – 58 years old Small dogs (below 11kg) – 49 years old. Cats all sizes – 45 years old.

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