Animal Wellness

As a responsible pet owner, we know you will appreciate that your pets’ wellbeing and health is of paramount importance to us.

Precautions are taken in the best interest of all clients, to eliminate the risk of infection or reduce the degree of doubt and confusion that exists regarding important vaccinations etc. Failure to comply with our requirements may result in the pets being turned away, or spending their holiday in the costly quarantine section.

It is very important to avoid contact with other sick animals immediately before a visit to the kennels. Animals cannot be accepted if there is any risk that they may infect other boarders. Withholding such information is seen as a breach of trust and may lead to blacklisting.

Please make us aware of any potential health issues affecting your pets e.g. latent heart or other health problems, by providing the necessary essential information you allow us to adjust their daily routine as required.

If it is a high-risk problem the pet may not be accepted in the kennels. In some cases, we may require a letter from your vet to confirm that the pet is strong enough to spend time in kennels.

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