Medication & Meals


If any pet(s) require medication while in the kennels, we will be happy to continue with the treatment, on condition the owner provides sufficient products, in clearly marked containers, with clear, written instructions. Please discuss with our office PRIOR TO ARRIVAL as we can do basic treatments, but we are not vets!


The welfare of your pet(s) is our main concern while they are boarding at Camelot.  

Most pets settle down very quickly, but from time to time a pet comes in and suffers symptoms caused by stress (e.g., diarrhea), or goes on a hunger strike. In these cases, we can offer some home cooked chicken and rice, or the basic tummy medication. Erzsi is great handling problem cases, and can be trusted to use the right remedy at minimal cost. I will never allow irresponsible charges to be added to any account, and these “changes in plan” must be authorized by me.

When the pets need professional help, we will deal with either your vet, or the Blue Cross or Plumsted Vet Hospital. We have for many years, and will continue to use our discretion when a problem arises. We obviously don’t want to increase your bill without your permission, but there are or may be cost implications. Should you prefer that we don’t add any extras, PLEASE INDICATE THAT QUITE CLEARLY BELOW.

However: as this restricts the service we can provide to such pets, we urge you to trust us in making the right decisions in your absence. This is an important part of our responsibility as kennel management, as we cannot/will not ignore an unwell or unhappy pet!


I want to remind all clients that you or your vet need to declare existing health issues concerning your pet. Forewarned is forearmed, and unless we are alerted to the fact that a pet has a medical history, we won’t be any the wiser, and not always able to pick up warning signs. A responsible owner will make 200% sure the pet caretakers are equipped to deal with a recurring condition.

On rare occasions it becomes necessary to make quick decisions regarding getting a pet to an emergency vet.  If this happens at your own home, you are familiar with the symptoms and able to make these calls. When the pet is in the care of “foster parents” we can save valuable time if we have the facts at our disposal as well as authority to act on your behalf. In line with our high standard of pet care and to speed up the medical attention, we need your guidance regarding ongoing treatment as high costs may be involved.

If/when a crisis arises, we have a choice:  To authorize the vet on your behalf to proceed with life saving treatment, or to first get hold of you to obtain the required permission.  This delay may make the difference between saving a pet’s life, and loosing it due to delaying treatment.  If you allow us to authorize essential treatment, (which will be for your account) at least the vet can give us an honest assessment and act immediately.

Should you not agree with this, kindly instruct us accordingly by completing and returning this signed document prior to your next booking.  I want to reiterate – We will not incur costs unless this is absolutely essential.  Thank you to those clients that trust us fully, to make the judgment call.


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