Parasite Control


We cannot accept animals without valid vaccination records, and these must have been done no less than 14 days prior to check in. If they missed this deadline, we will have to board them in the quarantine section, at a special fee.

Please complete the Vaccination section of the booking form and submit a copy of the latest record, unless you are an existing client and we have updated your records recently.

It is important to tell your vet when your pets are due to visit the kennels.

Kennel Cough is not part of the normal annual updates but required by all reputable kennels. It may cause your dog to develop symptoms shortly after getting the injection. The intra-nasal version should be avoided as the recipient may pass the virus on to other dogs during those first few days.


Is your pet on a reliable flea control program? We are happy to board your pets, but not the jumping-flea types! We will do spot checks, and if any pet is found to be hoarding these unwelcome visitors, we will quarantine and treat the animals, for the owner’s cost.

Please deworm your pets regularly – statistic shows that even humans can benefit from the odd deworming treatment, as gross as it may sound. Flea eggs cause worms, and if pets are not treated regularly the eggs may find its way into the owner’s intestines.


We strongly believe in all domestic pets carrying some form of “ID,” in particular when they leave their home environment. Collars, name tags etc all service the purpose as long as they don’t loose them, but a far more reliable solution is to have a Microchip inserted and registered in your name.

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